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How can we help farmers prepare for climate change?
a piece on The Conversation South Africa drawing on our 
latest publication on role of climate information services 
in farmer adaptation. [Link]

Do you like migration?
a blog reflecting on the challenges and benefits of doing interdisciplinary, 
collaborative, cross-country migration research on the ASSAR Blog
13 March 2017 [Link]

India’s urban fantasy: Deconstructing the real estate myth
a piece on Bangalore as seen through its real estate ads
on Policy Forum. 07 July 2016 [Link]

Whose assessment counts? The difficulty of measuring vulnerability
reports a 3-day course I helped conduct on Concepts and Methods 
of Vulnerability Assessment 16 Januray 2016 [Link]

What Farmers Really Need - And It Isn't 'Skilling' Or Relief Packages 
a blog from fieldwork in semi-arid villages in South India 
on HuffingtonPost India. 16 October 2015 [Link]

Urban Dualities: a photo essay on inequity and development 
reflections from a scoping visit in Bangalore on Policy Forum
(26 May 2015). [Link]

Ecological restoration as an adaptation to climate variability:
critical reflections from ASSAR’s South Asia Team visit to
Navadarshanam. (16 January 2015) Blog entry. [Link]
The Private Sector: The least involved in landscape initiatives. 
Agriculture and Ecosystems Blog. (11 December 2014)
Blog entry. [Link
Researcher’s social capital: liaising with local actors
for effective ethnographic research. Field Research
Method Lab at LSE
(12 June 2014) Blog entry. [Link
Thesis writing through narratives: Keeping it Simple:Say
it as a story. Socphd Blog (14 June 2013) Blog entry. [Link]
Content development for an online database called Himalayan
covering the ecological and cultural heritage of

indigenous communities across the Indian Himalayas.
Village Vignettes, a monthly column documenting my PhD fieldwork experiences in Rajasthan.
Courting the Countryside, a monthly column at Helter Skelter following my travels across the Indian countryside.

Farming in Rajasthan, a photo essay from my PhD fieldwork, featured on the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development, University of Reading Facebook page.

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